Liquidity provider Discounts for #Ballswap holders.

Tier 1 — Holding over 1m #BSP on Indoex, 12% discount.

Tier 2 — Holding over 500k #BSP on Indoex, 10% discount.

Tier 3 — Holding over 200k #BSP on Indoex, 5% discount.

Ballswap holders will also receive same amount of #BART

BART — Ballswapper Accelerator Reflection Token.


· Oct 23

Liquidity provider event on @Indoex_LTD exchange. Liquidity providers will get #BART at the bottom Price (Uniswap launches, price can reach up to 5x). Liquidity raised will be Locked on #Uniswap, #Ballswapper, #Quickswap & #PancakeSwap. 1 BART = $0.0000001. Starts 02/11/2021.



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